17 February 2018

Video Saturday - Amazon, Water Skiing and Alibaba

We are pleased to present 23 minutes of viewing curated by InfoStream for your edification:

Cold Fusion TVHow BIG is Amazon? (They Help Power the CIA and Netflix!), Published on Sep 29, 2016 (16'27")

How Amazon became one of the biggest e-tailers.

GE - The GE Employee That Brings Water Skiing Into The Classroom, Published on Mar 22, 2017 (2'06")
Growing up as a proud member of the little town of Scotia, New York, Kevin Kaiser split his time between walking on water with the U.S. Water Ski Show team and visiting his grandfather, a GE metallurgist, at the main plant. Now, as a world class skier and training program manager at GE, Kaiser has found a way to combine his two passions to help his river community grow and learn together.

CNBC - What is Alibaba?, Published on Sep 21, 2017 (4'05")
Alibaba has become one of the world's largest retailers, but CNBC's Uptin Saiidi explains how the company is quickly becoming known for far more than just eCommerce.

16 February 2018

MARKET - Google Insights On Canadian Search Trends

Asking Smart Devices a Question You Once Asked Your Mom or a Trusted Colleague is Now Common

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Google has been measuring new trends in Canadian search results and in this article reports on a very interesting development.

Searchers are now asking their devices for information and even opinions on everything from what they should have for dinner to car insurance and their finances.

How has this come about? 

The article presents fascinating data that provides a dynamic measurement of these trends. However, we may have to reference other market statistics to really understand WHY this is happening.

For instance, InfoStream is following Voice User Interfaces (VUI) with particular interest. Voice is replacing other user interfaces very quickly. Recent statistics show the installed base and demand for Alexa, Google Home and other smart search devices has accelerated well beyond earlier expectations. Voice search  interfaces are also now commonplace in cars, phones, tablets and computers. They are easy to use and are available when your mom or a friend are not.

In a recent experiment in rural Alberta, InfoStream had users of Alexa, an HP Computer, an Android Smartphone and an Apple Smartphone, to pose the question 'How long should I cook this turkey'. The results were surprisingly accurate although there was some variation. The most interesting response was from Alexa 'who' thought to ask how much the turkey weighed before responding with a cooking time and temperature.

The Google data shows how the use of contextual references like 'I' or 'me' or 'near me' has also risen. As the Google article concludes:
"Savvy marketers now know that consumers want answers as well as ideas and inspiration. And they want these things fast. Those who can deliver answers to people’s personal needs will have an advantage".

15 February 2018

INNOVATE - Canadian Government Unveils Winners of the SuperCluster Competion

Innovation Minister, Navdeep Bains, Announced Five SuperClusters in Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Oceans and Proteins Who Will Share C$950M

And the winners are:

Digital Technology Supercluster: 
This British Columbia based consortium will boost competitiveness in precision health, manufacturing and resource and environment technologies by advancing data collection, analysis and visualization.

Protein Industries Supercluster:
This Saskatchewan based consortium will harness technologies to help Canada become the world leader in supplying plant-based proteins and related products.

Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster:
This Ontario based consortium will drive collaboration between the tech and manufacturing sectors, using technologies like Big Data, intelligent machines and the so-called "internet of things" to scale up production and improve efficiency.

SCALE.AI Supercluster: 
This Quebec based consortium will define a global supply-chain platform that will boost artificial intelligence and data science in Canada, particularly in the retail, manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.

Ocean Supercluster: 
This Atlantic Canada based consortium will maximize the potential and sustainable development of the ocean economy. It would invest in digital technologies for industries such as aquaculture, fisheries, offshore oil and gas and clean energy.

Today we announced the five successful superclusters that are going to usher in an unprecedented era of innovation and progress, creating 50,000 jobs and boosting our economy.

BRAND - Home Depot Develops Data Driven Culture.

Think with Google - How Home Depot Created a Data Driven Culture 


Michael Rowe is the VP of Marketing and e-Commerce for The Home Depot in Canada. He joined the company as VP of Finance in 2006 but soon recognized the changes in technology would allow him to contribute more success by bringing his number crunching, trend spotting acumen to e-Commerce.

Michael has created a new culture by providing support to 'associates' and partners who demonstrate an entrepreneurial approach to the clients they support in their areas of merchandise and subject matter expertise.

This approach has made them more relevant and supportive to the clients they serve.

Michael's advice:
"Be curious. Don’t accept the way things have always been done. Be open to change—and make change itself a competency".