Market Services

It's all about web traffic... 

And in North America PetLynx delivers:
·        The highest traffic per capita in each community
·        The lowest cost of loyalty/influencer programs per subscriber
·        The lowest cost of client acquisition

Thousands of pet owners register their pets in the PetLynx registry. These central records of all urban animals in a community can be accessed by those in authority to contact pet owners in an emergency, to determine the medical coverage when an owner isn’t available and to provide pet owners with a place to store all their pet information where it can serve the needs of their pet. Brands place compelling offers in front of pet owners on an opt-in basis and pay only for those taking up a product or service.

Furthermore, organic growth continues to increase the available Pet owners who register in large numbers to access the PetLynx Automated Identification System. This technology is the best/only system in the world to provide community-wide tools to search for a lost pet with any identifier or physical description using found reports, admissions to community pounds, shelters, clinics or hospitals. 

PetLynx metrics demonstrate the high value traffic generated by pet owners using the system.

And Value... 

The PetLynx Utility, MSI marketing services and Urban Animal Programs are elements that can move your organization to achieve your goals. Moreover, With recognition as a top brand in the industry, your team will be seen as subject matter experts across the Urban Animal Industry. The PetLynx Utility presents your brand to nearly 2 million entities in the Canadian market. MSI gives access to the YourSAY™ surveys and consumer conversations arising from the PetLynx Utility. The Urban Animal Program delivers social communications to more than 40,000 Urban Animal leaders spanning North America and a number of foreign markets.

Those already subscribing to Urban Animal Programs can access information and services on a preferred basis.

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